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Once again virgin haven't got my bill right

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Every time I chat to virgin I get told "don't worry we will adjust your bill correctly" with all manner of promises and yet again it's still wrong I just don't believe what virgin tell me anymore......meant to be £16 next month after all the corrections adjustments from previous mistakes, but it's still £23 what can I do to get my bill correct ? It's just impossible



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Don't believe anything virgin tell you, it's all lies, DONT WORRY YOUR BILL WILL BE CORRECT NEXT MONTH Says virgin, but of course it's wrong again I just don't know what to do anymore 

Hi there @Elizabeth-2023 

Thank you so much for your post and welcome to the community forums, it's great to have you back. 

I am so sorry to hear that you are feeling let down by us. Can I ask what has happened to make you feel this way? 

What is showing as incorrect on the bill? Is it the overall package price or are there additional charges? 

Every month the bill is wrong, I get a goodwill payment then promised the next month it will be applied, this has gone in for months

I've ended up with two £7 payments and a £12 payment my next bill should have been £4 was promised by everyone this will DEFINITELY happen and if course it didn't it was £11 now I have a credit in January to refund the £7 but if course that will be wrong yet again

It's unbelievable 

I have made a response above, which I fully expect to be deleted by the mods in short order, what annoys me is that even a cursory check of your posting history would show what your grievance is, rather than claim that this is a new thing and please explain it, yet again!

Again, I do hope you get to read this before the mods delete it (don’t ask), you have good grounds to escalate this to the ombudsman service as long as you have evidence of what you were offered.


Yes I have a complete wattsapp history of the promised

Thankyou for your comments much appreciated

And you are so so correct in your observations, if I was virgin I would be hugely embarrassed by the failure of virgin and the lack of support and total failure to resolve my issue

I have no doubt that the January bill will again be wrong, which ombudsman should I use a link ? I think it's time I did


Thanks again


Elizabeth-2023   Roger123 here again. If you feel it is worth it and I am sure you feel it is you can get in touch with by either writing or emailing the *Ombudsman Services : Communications, PO Box 730, Warrington WA4 6WU. There are various telephone numbers but you could try the one I was 'ordered to' by Virgin Media which is through to the charming Elizabeth Robinson on 020 3835 9095 quoting your Customer account number and leaving a message. She WILL 'call you back. Hope this is the information you are looking for. You will have to take your complaint up with Virgin Media first and usually one has to wait 8 (eight) weeks. If you cannot agree your complaint within 28 days Virgin Media will issue you with a 'Lock Down' letter which will give you IMMEDIATE access to the *Ombudsman. Best regards  Roger123

Hi @Elizabeth-2023 👋.

Thanks for getting back to us. Apologies this is still ongoing. We would need to bring you in for a private message to discuss this and resolve. 

Please look out for the envelope on the top right of your web browser or if you are using a mobile device, it will be located under your profile icon.



Sorry you feel that way @Roger123 

We invite customers into PM to clear security and discuss account specific and sensitive info privately and so it's not visible to all in an open forum. 

I hope that clarifies things 😊

Forum Team

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Roger123 here. Why do you and your fellow -- colleagues at Virgin Media think that some of your customers, like myself, an experienced businessman of some 40 (forty) years standing, are likely to be fooled by Virgin Media's -- tricks? I WANT the *£150.37. which is NOW owed to me and which, if not at least *ACKNOWLEDGED to me by Monday, next, the 18th December, 2023, Court Costs of **£35.00. will be **ADDED. Pleased take this on board.


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Well guess what the billing has gone wrong yet again

Meant to be £4 this month, plus virgin issued another £10 credit and the bill is £11 despite all the dozens of promises it will be £4

Should be Zero with a £6 credit in my account

What a mess 

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