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End of contract offer

Joining in

After being a customer for over 16 years I am almost at the end of my patients.
my contract ended on the 15 th of August, was offered via email a promotional offer to renew my contract same deal, less cost. 
I have tried calling, speaking to several CS people all who promise to get things resolved, submit several complaints over several weeks, have a email from resolution that has been written by someone who’s first language is not English, it kind of states that the problem has been resolved but also states that I need to contact a web link that took me to a online chat person, who agin registered my complaint but was not able to advise if things were as promised same deal, less cost. 

I currently have two complaints both saying that someone will be in contact, one is active the other closed status, but again no one has wrong or made any contact.

the resolution email again gave me a little hope that my loyalty would be repaid and the deal honoured but as I have not seen any change in my package cost, I am giving this post one last attempt in a hope someone is listening and able to help! 

or at minimum I will go to the ombudsmen before cancelling and then see how much better price and service I can obtain from others, I have held off this due to the hassle and time it takes, but on reflection it would have been the less stressful and quickest route if I had done this months ago.

fingers crossed 🤞