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Digital Switchover

Around Christmas I received various emails telling me I should contact VM to get a new modem and a digital telephone switch over date. Although the modem has now arrived, there has been no comms about the telephone switchover and my SuperHub 4 simply...

Perm Call Num Suppress not working :(

Hi, I have my number permanently withheld. On my bill it states exactly this 'Perm Call Num Suppress' as an add on. I have made a couple of calls to a tradesman and to family where they have said my number has shown. I called virgin and they said tha...

Emmyboo by Joining in
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No Home Phone

I have no phone service today on my landline.  Obviously I cannot report it as the phone doesn't work.  Ruislip exchange NW London.

Landline number still not ported from Sky

Hello, I made my first request over the phone to port our old landline number from Sky 2 1/2 weeks ago (which I made also when I ordered my VM package). After a firm deadline of 6/6 then 10/6 they both passed and still the old number was 'invalid'. I...

GG1990 by Joining in
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Wired landline not working

I've had intermittent problems for months, now not working at all. It is connected, line DC tests ok, but no dial tone. Incoming callers get engaged tone, and I obviously can't report it using 150. Even if I unplug my phone, incoming callers still ge...

danforth by Joining in
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Land line not ringing and not receiving incoming calls

On Monday I had an engineer visit to move my land line, TV package and wifi over to Virgin MediaAt the end of his visit he gave me a small grey adapter for the telephone connection instructing it should be placed into the Tel1 portal in the new Virgi...

KA1347 by Joining in
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