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Broken Answerphone

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Virgin Media, in all my 40 years in business, are the MOST despicable, lazy so-called internet providers. My ANSWERPHONE, which is sending all 'calls to VOICEMAIL, has been broken for weeks but instead of my trying to get a technician to deal with it, I have been 'fobbed' off and/or totally ignored whilst waiting for a 'Manager' to come to the phone (waited one hour). I am STILL no nearer having my ANSWERPHONE repaired. Can anyone help?


AS YOU WELL KNOW, the appointment was to replace old copper cabling to the telephone, as ORDERED BY LORD HIGH COMMAND, OTHERWISE IF IT WAS NOT BROUGHT UP TO DATE IT WOULD BE CUT OFF!

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AlanB145 - you should ONLY know. I have had 2 (two) missed technician (now called 'engineers' apparently by Virgin Media!) appointments. Waited many hours at home for SOMETHING TO HAPPEN! NO TELEPHONE 'CALL(S) NO NOTHING! THESE WERE TWO CONFIRMED APPOINTMENTS. WHAT SHOULD I DO TO CLAIM COMPENSATION? PLEASE HELP ME. I AM NEW TO THIS. ALL GOOD WISHES.   Roger123


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

I can appreciate the frustration caused, 

I can see that you've been invited into a PM.

To avoid confusion we'll allow responses to occur from there.



Hi @Roger123 

We can see that you are already in a PM with a colleague who can help, please do pop back to them there so they can continue to chat with you. 



I am sorry that there have been missed appointments @Roger123 

I'm going to pop you a private message so we can take a closer look into this together. I will pop you a PM across now, please keep an eye out for the envelope at the top of your screen alerting you to a new message.

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Replying to BAZZER567 -

Bazzer567 - On *Wednesday, the 22nd November, 2023, Virgin Media CONFIRMED BY EMAIL to send out a technician (or is it engineer - one never knows with Virgin Media?) to arrive at my home between the hours of 1pm and 6pm to change the old copper wiring to the latest connection(s). As appears to be the norm the man never showed up, never called, never nothing. Today, *Friday, the 24th November, 2023, a virgin media van arrived but the man FAILED to 'call my bell. Apparently, so my adjoining NEIGHBOUR tells me, the man managed to 'sneak' his way into our apartment block, without contacting me in any way, *'fiddled' around with the communal telephone cupboard on first floor and left the premises leaving my NEIGHBOUR'S television (not a Virgin Customer) off air.

I am tired of being 'messed around' by Virgin Media. I only joined on the 2nd October, 2023, from which time I can only describe my dealings with them as being a 'NIGHTMARE'.

I will say this only once. If my NEIGHBOUR'S television (not a Virgin Customer but deserving of IMMEDIATE attention) IS NOT RESTORED IN THE NEXT 24 Hours), I WILL SEEK LEGAL ADVICE.

What a wonderful reputation your intransigence is building. 


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*I waited from 1pm to 6pm on Wednesday, the 22nd November, 2023 for an engineer to set up the new cabling, i.e., change the old copper wiring to the phone, as prescribed by Virgin Media which, unless I did not have this carried out, my phone would be cut off. *The engineer did not keep to the CONFIRMED (by Virgin Media) appointment not turning up at all. No telephone 'call, no nothing. I am claiming for a *no-show and expect this to be *CREDITED to my account.

On Friday, the 24th November, 2023, early on, a Virgin Media van appeared outside my flat on the driveway. Somehow, the engineer managed to gain access to my block (he did not ring my bell or 'call on me in any way). 

Apparently, so my neighbour OPPOSITE tells me, the engineer 'fiddled' around in the communications box on our first floor and ONLY managed to cut off my neighbour's television! She is NOT a Virgin Media Customer. When she tried to contact Virgin Media on 0345 454 1111, on my instructions, she was unable to get assistance. When I tried on 150 speaking to 'Prashant' I was told my neighbour would have to get through. 'Ragi' also told me that either my neighbour or myself contact the 'Fault Department'. If she, or I, do NOT have IMMEDIATE 'attention', I WILL SEEK LEGAL ADVICE!





Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@Roger123 wrote:

the engineer 'fiddled' around in the communications box on our first floor and ONLY managed to cut off my neighbour's television! She is NOT a Virgin Media Customer.

If your neighbour is not a Virgin customer, what TV services do they have? And what makes you think a VM tech has caused their loss of TV service?

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As you WELL know! The appointment on Wednesday, the 22nd November, 2023 was to bring the landline up to date which, if not 'sorted', could result in my telephone being disconnected! I require £29.15. CREDITED to my account. This appointment had been CONFIRMED by email by Virgin Media.