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Someone else is using my email address to sign up for things

Tuning in

Someone else is using my old ntlworld email address to sign up for various things, my Facebook account was hacked too which I recovered and removed that email address from and I can still access my ntlworld email but I'm concerned if this email is linked to other things I have maybe in form of a backup adresss, I've secured things that arse essential but not sure what these scammers can do, many thanks 


Hi, no I can't secure the account and access my ntlworld email now  but can get into virgin account via another email address I linked to it, shall I install an anti virus? My Facebook account keeps getting hacked despite it having a different password and email account and 2 step varification??


Hello, unfortunately my Virgin account keeps getting locked now, my Virgin account has been compromised, as I say I can access it though, 

Alessandro Volta

You said earlier that the email isn't linked to a VM account. In that case the email is in the process of being closed down. You need to move anything important to another email address ASAP. 

- jpeg1
My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

Thanks, trouble is I can't access it to use it, it was linked years ago but I've used another email address for VM for years now, I access it obviously through VM... Is there an admin who can help me here please? 

Hi Ayisha, can you help me please? Thanks 

Hi Martin

Are you able to help me with my hacked email please, I'm having a lot of trouble with them accessing other things, thanks Lawrence 

Thanks so much for the help but how can I contact support to remove the email? Sorry to keep posting but I'm so concerned but support haven't got back to me you see?

Thanks again 

Hello again, yes it is linked to my broadband 

Regards Lawrence 

Hi LolHare1,

Thank you for your posts. We're sorry to hear about the issues with your email address. 

We can certainly take a look into this for you. 

I will private message you now.