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Virgin Media Staff
Virgin Media Staff


If you're one of our Virgin Mobile customers you can now tweet, message and browse on Twitter data-free, without eating into your data allowance.

This follows us leading the way as the only mobile provider in the UK to offer data-free use of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger as part of our 4G plans. 

The addition of Twitter continues our plan of data-free social messaging, ensuring that its customers get better value and that services closely align with mobile lifestyles.

The data-free use of Twitter applies to all features on the app, apart from live video content, and comes at no extra cost or process beyond downloading the application. Twitter is one of the world’s largest social media platforms with 328m monthly active users globally*, and over 82% of users accessing the social messaging site on a mobile device**. Since launching 4G at the end of 2016, Virgin Mobile customers are taking advantage of faster speeds and using more data, with 87,000 Virgin Mobile customers accessing Twitter on a daily basis, and 800,000 accessing Twitter each month.

Jeff Dodds, Managing Director of Mobile at Virgin Media: Our customers want more than extra texts and minutes – they want innovative new services that really make a difference to them. We want to focus our services towards how our customers use their devices and live their lives, giving them value that they can see and understand.  That’s why we’ve expanded our data-free social offering to include Twitter which, when combined with fast 4G and data rollover, is transforming the future of social messaging on mobile and ensuring our customers never have to worry about keeping connected to the things and people they love.
Dara Nasr, MD Twitter UK: This deal's great news for Virgin Mobile customers who want to make sure they never miss the very best Tweets from across the globe. If it's happening, it's happening on Twitter.

Customers on Virgin Mobile 4G plans can enjoy data-free social with Twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger as part of your service, increasing the amount of data you can save while chatting with friends and family and sharing moments for the world to see.

To make sure no leftover data goes to waste we continues to offer ‘Data Rollover’ as part of our plans. This means that any mobile data remaining at the end of a month is transferred into the next month’s data allowance. To keep tabs on all of this data, you'll receive a text when data is being rolled over and another text when all the leftover data has been used.

Virgin Mobile offers a range of fast 4G plans and throughout July is also offering quadruple data on selected plans for its customers to enjoy.


*Stat from Twitter’s Q1 2017 Earnings Report, p4.

** Stats based on April 2016 figures.