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Fibre Phone Adapter

We have received our Fibre Phone Adapter. Our current phone connection is on the wall in our lounge at the front of the house, the Virgin hub is upstairs at the opposite end of the house, some 30plus feet away and one floor up. I'm sure hundreds of h...

KJM61 by Joining in
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Hub/Router Speed

Hi. I have a Hub 4 which is in modem mode connected to a Asus router mesh (Asus rt-ax92u and a Asus ax-300 v2).If I connect via ethernet to this mesh will I get the full 1.2gb download speed that I have (1gb plan)?Should I connect the ax3000 as the m...

david1235 by On our wavelength
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SCAM CALLS ever since moving to O2 network!!!

In all my many many years of owning a mobile phone, I've been very careful with my phone number and I've NEVER had any SCAM calls. The very DAY, we were sold off to O2 I start to get SCAM calls from Manchester pretty much every other day from a Manch...

Crowbar by On our wavelength
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Really poor Broadband - 1GB

So having had 1Gb since Dec 2021, it's never been great, but for the occasions I've managed 50mbps I've tolerated it, it did what I needed. I've had x2 Hub 4's I've had 3 Wi-fi boosters.I work from home full time, so rely on at the very least a conne...

Coax for Tivo Box

I think this is the correct board.I have my second Tivo box i a bedroom that hasn't had the box in before. The other rooms have the original Telewest coax's in from many years back. I am using a normal coax into the Tivo box but the signal seems to d...

gryphon by Joining in
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Resolved! Horrendous Broadband and Wifi

I've been with ntlword/Virgin since the start and have had our broadband for as long as I can remember. Over the past year or so, our WiFi connection has been going down several times per day. We now have no WiFi at home which for a home worker is a ...

Shazmci by Tuning in
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Roaming in Isle of Man not working

Dear Virgin Mobile,I've just arrived in the Isle of Man and have no phone service at all. When I found these help pages I find that this is a problem that has been going on for years with numerous posts.I find it amazing that you've not managed to fi...

PRG2 by Tuning in
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Ntlworld Email

Having a problem logging into my email since changing my password  saying incorrect password anybody else having this problem Regard seb27 

seb27 by On our wavelength
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