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Are Blueyonder Email Accounts being hacked

I don't regularly monitor my Blueyonder account as it is no longer used but kept for historical emails.On Wednesday 10th April I received a threatening email saying my email/password has been compromised and stating my password and asking for money. ...

New Install multi room cables

Hi Everyone, I'm new to Virgin Media after having a terrible experience with another provider I've jumped ship and have a few questions I thought I'd ask.1: I've signed up for internet and 360 TV multi room my property has never had VM before however...

oppo by Just joined
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Disgraceful service from Virgin Media

People in my area have had no internet, TV or phone since 9am yesterday. Several updates via the service status page have indicated a resolution, only to be changed. Apparently they hope to resolve the outage tomorrow. I have my doubts, but we’ll see...

Thommo14 by On our wavelength
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No service for (at least) 3 days

I'm in the Glasgow area and all of my services (broadband, TV, phone) have been out since Friday morning. I've been constantly checking the service status page and the estimated fix keeps slipping. Originally it was Friday evening but now it's suppos...

Moving box to another room

I am moving my box and router to another room downstairs. The other room has an ntl wall socket which we used about 6 years ago when we had it in there before.Question is a) will the ntl socket still work and b) does a technician need to come out and...

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Accessibility and Vulnerability Policy

Together with the introduction of a framework to embed accessible and inclusive design practices, we are working hard to make our website, content, and digital experiences accessible to as many people...