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VIrgin screwed up my contract dates, So i posted about it here and JohnGS from virgin corrected the contract.and told me i was right and the contract had finshed. So i had to wait a few days for the system to update and i agreed to a new contract onl...
So 18 months ago ( my contract is now ended)we upgraded to Volt Top package. They was surpose to have sent up 2 new remotes for my V6 boxs. They said they couldnt at the time. cause there was a ongoing order with the wifi Pods..They was never sent to...
So as you can see from my previous messgaes on this site.I started a contract on the 6th of march, my contract was for 1GB VIP package at the time for £75.Virgin was lazy, Poor service and later i opened up a complain with CEDR with £100s of overpaym...
So Virgin tried to scam me 12 Months ago, So after 100s of hours... 1000s of messages and a Cisas claim against the Company. (That i won) Including Verbal abuse Claim against a India call center manager Thing's was put 90% correct. The Records Show f...
3 months into my contract on Volt and I've been told that 1Gb isn't available and they changed my contract and dropped me to m600 as this happened to anyone else or just me ?
Kudos to you guys