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Megan_L has earned 12 badges!
  • First reply
    First reply
    Earned by 190,701
    You've made your first reply. Way to go!
  • Hello again
    Hello again
    Earned by 19,505
    Thanks for coming back! Don't be a stranger.
  • Look who's talking
    Look who's talking
    a month ago
    Earned by 6,529
    Great to see you're getting involved!
  • Good old chinwag
    Good old chinwag
    a month ago
    Earned by 2,843
    You're here to hang out and help.
  • Natterer
    3 weeks ago
    Earned by 1,309
    100 Replies. That makes for some good conversation.
  • First kudos!
    First kudos!
    Earned by 35,201
    Nice one! You just got some kudos.
  • Hi fives
    Hi fives
    a month ago
    Earned by 4,686
    You've been air-slapped 5 times. Don't leave us hanging.
  • Fist bump
    Fist bump
    a week ago
    Earned by 840
    *Bumps* People certainly like what you're saying.
  • First helpful answer
    First helpful answer
    Earned by 8,704
    Thank you so much for joining in.
  • Nice Work
    Nice Work
    4 weeks ago
    Earned by 703
    You're already making a difference.
  • Helping hand
    Helping hand
    3 weeks ago
    Earned by 411
    It's really great you're here to help.
  • Oh hello!
    Oh hello!
    Earned by 291,020
    Lovely to see you've made your first post!