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Volt missing benefits - customer service is a endless loop

On our wavelength

It seems to be getting more and more difficult to speak with Virgin.

I was recently upgraded to Volt 1gig.  I never received these benefits.
Its since been two months.  I have tried to contact o2.  They were no help at all

I have contacted Virgin by phone but was on hold for over an hour and just do not have the time..
I have since sent in a complaint, asking that we deal with this over writing (a option you offer).  They instead contacted me on Whatsapp, while I am work, to which I explained, I am at work, this is not ideal.

I go through the motions and security checks, and i explain the issues, then, as I am at work, I get a call.  Whatsapp has placed me back in a queue...  I get out of the queue, I moan a little about how this isnt ideal.  I am then told I am not being forwarded to another team to cancel my services..

I did not ask to cancel services.  All I am trying to do is get what was sold to me as an upgrade.  Something which seems to have been misold.  I am getting literally no where.

I have faster broadband, but for more than I was paying..
I have less data however on my tariff, and I am paying more considering the lack of tariff features I was promised with Volt..

I was basically misold an upgrade, which never really was what it was meant to be, nor was it ever the volt features.. and I am instead paying more.. infact, for that month I upgraded, i ended up paying for two phone tariffs, even tho neither worked.


Complaints seem to go nowehere.  Customer service seems incapable..


I am at a loss


Do I really need to go to a ombudsman just to get this sorted?

Surely there must be a simpler route..


Virgin is literally a telecoms and broadband company.. the two techs we use to communicate with.. and Virgin seems rather incapable of doing anything..


I have been a customer for over 10 years, and with each year, the service become worse and more expensive.


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi omgzhobbs, thank you for reaching out on our help forums about this issue.

Sincere apologies for this experience you've had since your upgrade to Volt, regarding your benefits and speed & data boost.

We're eager to best assist with this, can we please ask if you've activated Volt on your MyO2 App since you joined this bundle so we can then activate the VM side of Volt and apply the speed boost and all the benefits to your account?

On this page here you can find all our info on Volt and how to activate this so please, let us know where you are with this process.

Do post back to tell us more and we're happy to further assist from there where needed.

Best regards,

Forum Team

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