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Where is my Sim?

Recently changed my package to Volt2 its 100mb broadband and a O2 sim. But where's theO2 Sim. Its been two months. Whenever I contact Virgin they tell me to call O2. Which I stupidly have many times. O2 have no record of this VOLT SIM and say virgin need to order it. I've even had a Virgin representative tell me they'd order it and its in the post. I have this on a what's app message. This was over two weeks ago and nothing, Not even an order number. So currently I'm due to pay for SIM I don't have. I've had to buy a new SIM myself so I'm now paying for two SIMs one I don't have and another I shouldn't need.

Thanks Virgin remind me not to renew any services from you


Fibre optic

Did you call o2 and just ask for a replacement SIM for the one that didn't come?   If you getting paid for it I'd do that as it's actually activated before they post it to anybody couldn't be using it?   But I definitely need to get it sorted.   This sorted out my issues.   03448090202


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Bain1, 

Thanks for your post and welcome to the forums. It's great having you on board with us in the Community. 

We're sorry to hear you're still waiting on receiving your O2 SIM card. 

As O2 will bill you separately for the SIM, if you've not yet received the SIM and it's not on their system, you will not be paying for the SIM currently. 

The SIM would need to be ordered directly with O2 now. Just sign up for the same plan as was already agreed as no discount needs to be added on O2's side. The discount comes off your VM plan which covers the cost of your SIM. 

You can get in touch with O2 using the details here

Keep us posted on how things go. 


Forum Team

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This is obviously rubbish as I’ve just had my virgin. Bill in and it’s £28. That’s meant to include the sim I haven’t got after 2 months. When I contact 02 they have no record from virgin ordering the sim so they won’t speak to me. 

sort iff tv our virgin I’m sick of calling you and explaining this and getting no where, either subtract the sim amount from my bill or cancel my contest so I can get something with a decent customer service

On our wavelength

Virgin DO NOT charge for your SIM... O2 do.

If you don't have a credit on your Virgin bill, it means you never had the deal applied.

Hi Bain1.

Welcome and thank you for posting on our forums. 

Sorry to see you haven't had your Volt sim yet.

We may need to double check it has been processed on our end. 

Please look our for the purple envelope as I will be private messaging you and we can have a look together from there. 

Thank you.   

Ari - Forum Team

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