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Unable to order wifi pod

Joining in

I have very poor connection in a number of rooms. Have followed all the guidance (done the scans etc) but I can't see a way to order a pod on the app as described. Anyone help? Connection is really poor. Thanks. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi GemmaSut, 

Thanks for posting and a warm welcome to our Community Forums! 

Sorry you're having issues ordering your first WIFI Pod on our Connect App, we can help here 🤗

First though, here's a link to our WIFI Max scheme which has all the information about the Pods and our WIFI Guarantee. One thing to note is that the Pods are free on our top packages like the 1Gig and Volt packages. They then have an £8 monthly charge for any other packages.

You're entitled to up to 3 Pods if needed but we can only send one at a time, with a 5 day interval to allow the newly installed Pod to settle into it's new home network.

With that being said, let's pop into a PM so we can get the ball rolling 😁

Speak soon!


Hi Meg

Thanks for replying, I spoke to a colleague previously who recommended the pods when I upgraded to Volt, if this didn't resolve my connection issues. Please could I try one as it's really important that I have good connection as I teach online, so I could do with one asap 😊

Thanks for coming back to me Gemma!

I most certainly can help you with this. Being a teacher/tutor is one of the more important jobs in the world so let's get this sorted ASAP 😁

I'll send you a PM now so we can get the ball rolling.

Speak soon!



Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for chatting with me in our PM's GemmaSut! 

I'm glad we were able to get this sorted for you 😊
If you need any further help with installing the Pod, please click here 👉 Setting Up WIFI Pods.

Reach out to us again if you come across any other problems!



I have run the scan test on my VM Connect app and it shows that I can only get 21Mbps in part of my house. I've logged into my virginmedia but the page allowing me to order a second wifi pod doesn't seem to work. How do I go about ordering another pod to improve this?

Hi @martinhgregory 👋

Welcome back to our Community Forums and thanks for your post. 

I'd be more than happy to assist you further so will pop you a PM 📩 now and we can take it from there.

Hope to hear from you soon 🙂

Forum Team

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