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Ultimate Volt upgrade question

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I recently upgraded from the Ultimate Oomph pack to the Ultimate Volt bundle.  Everything has gone as expected apart from the Broadband.  As I understood, if I was on 600 before, I thought the volt bundle would be give the speed boost to the next available level(which is 1Gig here).  This hasn't happened and I need someone to confirm if this is correct or not.  When I got the new contract, I noticed it said I was still on 600, so I contacted VM and stated this and asked to be upgraded, but they said it would be best to ask when the pack starts, which was the start of June.  So when I have asked today, the first person said he could do this, but quoted me a different price.  I said I didn't want the price changed, I just want the free upgrade.  He then said the price he was quoting included £25 bill from O2, so I said if I knock £25 off the price, that is what the VM would be, he said yes, so I agreed as this would make it cheaper than I currently had.  Then the email came through saying a new hub will come, but the new bill from VM wasn't the price agreed, as it didn't take off the £25 for O2 as agreed.  So I had to contact VM again to say what had happened and they deleted this, so I was back to square 1.  So then I asked if I could have what I asked for initially and she said I couldn't, unless I pay more.  I asked why and she eventually said the reason was because I was on 600 and only people on 500 got the 1Gig upgrade.  I hung up and then looked at the VM website, and this didn't sound correct, so I phoned and spoke to a different person, who then came to the same answer, but this time the reason was my 600 had been upgraded a little bit, so there is a 600 and a slightly improved 600 apparently.  

You can imagine I am not sure what is true here, the VM website says 1Gig for the ultimate Volt bundle and under the benefits of Volt it says 'broadband will get a speed boost to the next available level', so how come nobody I speak to can give me this as this is what I believed I was signing up for?

Please can someone clarify the correct answer to my question?


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You should have 1 gig , but the problem appears to be a shortage of hub4's at the moment which you need for the speed upgrade.

That is probably the reason you are being fobbed off with BS at the moment !

Ultimate Volt, 2 x TV360 boxes

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey L33, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to hear you've not got the 1GB speed as of yet.

As mentioned by Tractorboy there is a shortage of Hub4's.

I want to look into it to see where what's happening with an update for you.

I am going to send you a PM, please look out the purple envelope. Thanks 


Matt - Forum Team

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