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Sim confusion on Volt package. Two SIMs now possibly?

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Hello I recently upgraded (a week ago) from Ultimate Oomph 600 to Volt 02 and have been passed from pillar to post about the package they told me originally was £84. Apparently it did not include an 02 SIM.

I was really unhappy (livid really) with this as standard package includes SIM as per the website!. I eventually got through to a nice lady as I was really thinking of leaving due to them phoning me then me having to chase up and tell them the SIM should be included.

I got through to a nice lady (lord knows how many phone calls later) to a package of £84 total or £59 for Virgin and £25 for 02, so SIM included as it should have been on the first place. This helpful lady was perplexed what they had done.

A week later (just now) I have just got off the phone with a gentleman and was phoning about broadband and what happens to my virgin SIM when the oomph bundle ends (been a week now) and received the 02 SIM. He slwas confused and said maybe I didn't know what I agreed to. Nope not this time!

I have found out I may be on both virgin AND 02 so have 2 SIMs and may not need to pay the extra 25 but didn't really ask for clarification.

I don't know what to do now really as I did ask "so does that mean I could have just had the package (Volt) for 59ish and he said yes. It seems wrong to me and I don't trust it if I kept both SIMs I have the feeling the Virgin will disconnect at some point.

Is this right? Can anyone enlighten me?


On our wavelength

I also need the lady I spoke to said I should be eligible for a hub 5. 

She could not send one out and said she would phone me on Monday but never did. I am a bit disappointed but not sure if it works with WiFi pods anyway but 2.5g port would be nice plus WiFi 6. Is it worth changing?

The gentleman said hub 5 is still on trial period for people which I don't think is true. 2 other agents did not say that to me so I don't know but feel like it is a lie.

I just can't trust one person to the next with virgin. There are some good agents but boy have I had to work for this. 

I find it really strange that 600 fibre is more fluid and less lag with similar overall speed to gig 1 via wireless. I have no idea why but last time I downgraded the Internet was snappy. I told the gentleman it "hangs" a lot when moving from Web page to page or links.

I'm not sure if it is just my phone but other people have said it was OK and one said it was bad for them. Top speeds are really good but on speed tests it bounces around way more than 600.

Sorry for the rant.

Hey @slimcraigy, thanks for reaching out to us and a welcome back to the Virgin Media forums.

I'm sorry to hear about the troubles you've had recently regarding the package and the services.
I'm happy to hear that the package has been sorted out.

The Virgin mobile SIM should be cancelled off as we no longer support that and if you're moving to a VOLT bundle - the team can give you a PAC code so that you can transfer your mobile number over, you can reach out to them on 0345 600 0789.

The Virgin Media Hub 5 was on trial but now it is not - and you should be eligible for one, if you check here on the MyVM app - does anything show up for an order regarding the Hub 5?

Let us know.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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Hello Ilyas thank you for your message.

Regarding the Hub 5 nothing shows up and I'm just really unsure about the SIM too as it doesn't make much sense but I'll probably have to ohoen up again anyway.

I think they may have told me incorrect information regarding the Hub 5. I don't know if it is meant to be any good but the 2.5g port sounds good at least. Nothing shows up in the app but I'm not aware where I'm supposed to look.

Are the pods now compatible with it btw? I've read conflicting things.

Regards Craig S

Sorry so no thee eis no order for a hub 5. The lady I spoke to was meanr or phone me back regarding being sent one but did not do so.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi slimcragy, 

Thank you for you reply. 

We are sorry to hear there is no order for the Hub 5 on the account. 

Did the agent you spoke to advise that we will order this for you?

We can confirm the Pod's are now compatible with the Hub 5. 





Hello Nat yes the agent said they were going to phone me back and order a hub 5 for me.

I can't remember the reason they couldn't order one there and then (maybe computer difficulty?) hence them saying they would follow up with a phone call. 

Do you think they are better than previous hubs?

Hopefully it's plug and play with the pods!

Thanks and regards Craig S

Hi @slimcraigy,

Thanks for the clarification. Our Hub 5 has only recently been taken out of the Trial Phase and brought out as a standard product we offer. We have seen many customers benefit greatly from a Hub 5 and some customers believe it is one of the best pieces of equipment available.

In regards to your SIM, your Oomph SIM will be de-activated within 30 days of your Volt Benefits being processed. In regards to the Pods, these are a case of "Plug and Play" - you just need to plug them into a Wall Socket, and they'll pair up in about 10 minutes. You can find more about setting up Pods, here.


Reece - Forum Team

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