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I have three problems:

1. Rubbish broadband in the evenings and when the weather is bad (wet and or windy). Internet unstable and cuts out

2  Rubbish internal WiFi connection to hub. <10bps in some rooms using two pods. House is old on three levels and stone built, so once, many months ago when I finally got through on the phone, VM promised to send me another pod and a newer hub. Neither have ever arrived. 

3  This is the biggest problem as resolving this would solve 1 and 2. The impossibility of getting a reply from VM. I've tried the chat thing, which resulted in our contract being moved to volt, but no response on 3rd pod. I've even waited on the chat thing for several hours on mutliple occasions trying to get a pod, but no reply. I've phoned up, and been  through a whole series of menus without ever being able to speak to anyone, the final instruction being to reboot the hub (which obviously given the abysmal quality of the service I'm used to doing as the first option). I've even submitted a complaint through the website but got no reply. 


What do I do about appalling quality of broadband which is costing over £100 a month and runs as slow as 10bps when I am unable to get a response either by phone, chat bots or email? What do I do, get quill out and pen something? Actually at my wits end with VM as this has been going on forever and thinking it's time to move, esp as the new broadband has just been put in in our street. Any views from the community?




@Fiona_W wrote:


Any views from the community?


Yes, cancel VM and move NOW!

OK, that's a bit of a knee-jerk reaction, firstly this new broadband, you mention, is that a full fibre (FTTP) connection, if it is, then technically it is very likely to give you a far faster and 'better' connection that you get from VM (and that's purely down to the underlying technologies, for reasons which are far too boring to go into now).

1) Bad connectivity in poor weather, or the evenings, well it won't be the wind, but windy weather is often associated with wet weather so I suspect that you have a bad connection somewhere outside which the rain is making worse and which is also is struggling to work properly when the majority of people tend to be on-line, ie the evenings.

2) Stone-built walls and on three floors? To be honest, that'll be a nightmare for any WiFi system, and VM's isn't exactly regarded as 'state of the art'. Your best bet, and I fully understand that this isn't often practical, is to run ethernet cables from the hub to various points in the house and install third-party WiFi access points. Alternatively, you could try a mesh WiFi system, but get one from a reputable supplier who is prepared to accept returns with a money-back guarantee, as nobody can possibly promise that they will work without trying it first - no two properties are exactly the same as far as WiFi is concerned.

3) And yes, as you have found, VM's customer service provision is fundamentally broken and dysfunctional. Little point complaining about it, everyone from the CEO down is fully aware of this but has decided that this is how they want to run their company. You may get the standard response from a member of the forum team which will include similar lines to 'this is not the experience we expect our customers to have', to which, I can't help thinking 'but this has been going on so long now that anyone would be forgiven into thinking that, no this is exactly the experience you (VM) expect customers to have - because if it wasn't, it would have been fixed a while ago'.

But I digress, yes even the complaints system is broken (which in itself is a breach of the OFCOM conditions which VM signed up to - which again, might or might not make you ponder their commitment to customer service). So are you still within your minimum 18 month contract term? If not and a suitable alternative is available, then jump ship now. If you are, then there are some ways and means of forcing the issue and getting VM to agree to release you early. But it is somewhat time consuming and convoluted, it'll involve making a formal complaint (in writing), waiting for it to be fobbed off, rejecting the 'resolution', demanding a 'deadlock' letter, waiting for that request to be fobbed off or outright ignored, waiting eight weeks and then escalating to the industry adjudicator, where you will request release from contract on the grounds of the provision not being to standard, plus a reasonable amount of compensation for your inconvenience.

Although none of the above will be necessary, as, I'm sure the forum team will be in touch and offer to arrange a technician visit, bypassing the morass of their customer services 'team' - no?

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @Fiona_W thanks for reaching out to us on the forums.

I'm sorry to hear about the issues with the service 😞
I can see on the system that another pod is due to arrive with yourself soon.

May I ask if you have the Virgin Media Connect App? Are you able to see what the status of the Wi-Fi is on there?
You can download the app here. Let us know.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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