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W02 error code on most channels

It all started a couple of months ago, after i renewed my contract but downgraded my TV package from maxit to minit. Initially a couple of chanells would show W02 error and now it has spread to all of them, even BBC...Very dissapointed, rang virgin a onth ago, went through all suggested tests and everything seemed to be fine cable wise etc etc and as you would expect Im still waiting for someone to ring me and see what can be done.. Weird thing is that on Netflix and Amazon I still get the same code but when i press the red button Im able to watch movies. Seriously thinking of cancelling the contract as they are not providing the agreed service and ask for a refund for the past 2 months....

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Re: W02 error code on most channels

A warm welcome to our Community Forum km1982 and sorry to hear about your TV issues 😞 I've checked your TV details and can see a lot of errors with the input signal which will require an engineer visit.


I can't see you've contacted us on other channels and to save time, I've taken the courtesy of arranging an engineer for you. Please check your online account to see the appointment and you can re-arrange it if necessary.



Please let us know how it goes after the visit.