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Tivo box upstairs trying to reboot but nothing!!

I have an original Tivo box upstairs in my bedroom.

The box looks like its trying to reboot. It comes up on my TV showing starting up but then nothing. All the lights keep changing from a single green and a single red to multiple green, red and  blue lights  plus a strange clicking sound.

I have had this box since they came out so it is pretty old. It doesn't have a network cable as its connected to the WiFi as its upstairs. The V6 Tivo box i have downstairs is working fine as is the WiFi. 

Any info? I've tried the chat bot and its transferred my details to a human advisor but it says it can take 24 hours. 

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Re: Tivo box upstairs trying to reboot but nothing!!

Hi Kellymr87,


Thanks for posting on the community forums, many apologies for our delayed response and to hear of the issues you've been having recently with your Tivo box.


Please let me know if you've been able to get any help with this since posting - it sounds like we'd need to send out a replacement Tivo if not. If it's failing to start up, then it 100% needs replacing.


If you are still seeking help with this, let me know and I'll be happy to arrange a replacement to be sent from here.


Many thanks,



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