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Free Gift and Direct Debit problems

Hi hope someone can help,

I ordered the oomph bundle on the 9th of June and selected the LG 43 inch tv as my free gift, with installation on the 26th June. The day after installation i was emailed saying that the free gift would be sent out after 28 days, and then on the 22nd of July i was emailed saying that the free gift was about to be deliver by Exertis and i would receive a text in the morning when it would be delivered with a time slot for delivery.  Three weeks later i have still not had any communication from Virgin or Expedia regarding the TV.

Also when i set up the order i also set up a direct debit for payment, but on the 7th of August i got an email saying my account was over due and i then had to pay it and set up the direct debit again when i thought it had already been paid.


Thanks in advance for all time and help


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