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v6 Starting up issues.....

My V6 box is a month old and my frustration with it is getting worse! It never seems to go to sleep but does turn off all the time.

My box is set to no power saving options so always on. whenever I turn the TV off (never the box) whenever I come back and turn the TV on the box always says "starting up" This takes around 2 minuets every time and is getting annoying.

When the TV is off nothing records and I quite often get half recorded programs. Also when watching on demand services the screen quite often freezes for a short while the resumes. Iv checked my broadband speed and its a healthy 224mb so I can only assume its the box.

Having to wait every time you want to watch something is getting tedious. I just want the thing to stay on and record my programs and turn on straight away when I turn the TV on just like my old sky box.....

Any suggestions welcome.

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Re: v6 Starting up issues.....

Hi DavidByron,


Thanks for posting!


Really sorry to hear you're having trouble with your V6.


Does the same issue occur on both of your boxes or just the one?

How often does the screen freeze during live TV?


Speak soon Smiley Very Happy



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