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Virgin Box keeps opening Search Menu Automatically

Tuning in

Hey Guys, 

Got a weird issue on our Virgin Box that keeps happening.

Oddly, every couple of minutes, the box will just open the Search Menu. Seems to happen almost every 5 minutes.

As far as we can see, there's no trigger. We've even taken the batteries out of the remote in case that was triggering it somehow but it still happens without the remote having any power.

We've rebooted the box, pulled the plug, but its still happening.

We recently went through some Contract Changes but im very doubtful that would affect it either, but it did start happening shortly after they were changed.

Anyone got any idea what could cause this? My best theory is that its somehow picking up a rogue Infrared signal but my understanding was the remote was Bluetooth so im not entirely convinced...


Tuning in
I think we've figured this out. We recently got a new AirCon for the heatwave that used Infrared on the remote. Turning the Aircon off at the mains seems to prevent this from happening again, which is odd.

Hello Drake, 

Thanks for your post.

This is a strange one to be honest.

Thanks for the explanation regarding the TV Search display.

We may have a solution. 

The V6 box can be setup to be RF which remote control works through walls or it can be setup as IR which needs line of sight.

If you set it to RF and then look at hiding the V6 box that will help with the signal.