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YouTube not working with error code cs2400

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YouTube app not working 

fresh install 

Netflix is working 

many idea how to solve - error code cs2400



Fibre optic

CS2400 means the app is not accessible and the help page advises to contact VM so they can perform further tests. Sometimes this may be due to temporary local issues or a bad internet connection. If you have recently installed or the issue has just started I’d leave for 72 hrs and try again if it’s still there Id try again.  Usually they advice you to reboot ur hub and stb at the same time sometimes that solves the issue

page 23

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @Portery 

Great answer, but a quick heads up, the link to the error codes that you provided are for the Stream box, not the 360.

The meaning and solution is the same for CS2400 😃 but you'll find some of the codes on that list don't apply to the 360.

At the same time there are additional error codes on the Tivo/V6 and 360 error pages that don't apply to the Stream box, mainly hard drive issues.

The error codes for the Tivo, V6 and 360 boxes are on the following page. 

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