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Virgin TV 360 box lost internet access - CS9994 error

On our wavelength

A few days ago one of my Virgin TV 360 boxes suddenly lost internet connectivity, and reported error CS9994. Although it could connect to my hub/router, it could not connect to the internet which obviously meant that virtually all of its functionality was broken, it wouldn't even allow a restart! The steps online involving the usual unplugging of the box and restarting the router were all tried to no avail. All other devices had internet connectivity so it must have been a problem with that box, so an engineer was called.

However, I had a moment of inspiration and checked the MAC Filter list in the router admin menus and amazingly the MAC address of the box was in the list - the device was being blocked from accessing the internet! As soon as I removed it from the list, all was well.

Now I am the only person in the house capable of doing this and I know I didn't do it! The reason I am making this post is to alert others to this potential situation. I can only assume that a recent software update to the hub or TV360 box has made this change inadvertently, unless anyone else can explain it?

So, if this should happen to you - check the MAC Filter list in your hub admin menus.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello Rumpelstiltskin.

Thank you very much for your post and fix regarding your 360 box issues.

It is really good to know and keep hold of this invaluable information.