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Tv 360 fails to boot correctly

I upgraded my V6 box to 360 last Saturday and all was well until last night (Friday) when the 360 box refused to power up correctly.  If you power off and power up again the screen shows the “welcome” in multiple languages then after a couple of minutes sometimes displays “please wait” before the screen goes blank and the red power light on the box turns off.  Trying to turn the 360 box on with the remote does not work.  The top right power button on the 360 remote sometimes flash’s red.  

I’ve been through the Virgin diagnostic checks (check source, try new cable etc) with no luck and Virgin claim there is no fault when they run diagnostic tests from their end via the virgin web page.  The 360 mini box seems to work ok and has access to saved recordings (not sure how since the main 360 box is currently turned off, I don’t think it’s using catchup).

Thanks for reading.  Any suggestions on a fix or do I need a new box or software update?

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