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Tips to Using V360

I've put this together to help new people using V360. It by no means includes everything, but after reading many threads, thought it would help. I don't want to attract negative comments about the new system, just give people some tips to help - and where people can add their ideas and knowledge.


User Interface

Comparing directly with Sky Q, 360 has a long way to go. However, it has a much more modern feel compared to TiVo. Sky Q menus load very quickly and on the 360, there is a tiny amount of lag. It’s worth remembering when Sky Q launched in 2016, people were moaning it ‘didn’t feel ready’ and I’ve seen similar comments regarding 360. On that note, 360 has a huge amount of potential and believe it will continue to improve.

••• button

Think of this as the right-click of a mouse. Use it to access additional options from most menus and live TV

TV Guide

The TV guide is clear and easy to read.


• Say ‘top’ to go to the beginning of the guide or press 1

• Enter a channel number to jump to that channel or say the channel name/number

• Use forward button to move days forward. Use voice (e.g. 9pm) to jump to that time of day in the guide. Use rewind button to move the guide back

• Use channel up/down key to move through the guide

• Pressing the Guide button whilst in the TV Guide will take you to the current channel and time

• Press Home button to jump to top of menu and toggle date/channels

• Press OK on a live broadcast to view that channel or watch from start

• Press OK on an upcoming programme to view info.

• Press the three-dot button on a live broadcast to view info/episodes and jump to player (e.g. iPlayer)

• Press the three-dot button on a future broadcast to view Info/Set Reminder/view episodes/go to Player (e.g. iPlayer)


Home Key

• Use to access Search, Guide, Catch Up, Box Sets & Movies, Saved (Recordings), Apps and System Settings

• Use to jump to the top of a screen (e.g. in Catch Up to filter by date, channel, category and popularity)

Catch Up

• Press OK to view programme information

• Use the three-dot button over a thumbnail to view information or all episodes


• View programmes recorded and those set to record

• Access Watchlists, Continue Watching and Rented items from here


• Press the Red record button whilst watching live TV to view recording options

• Press the record button from the TV Guide to record series or episode

• Advanced options allows you to adjust time at start and end of programme, number of episodes to keep and choose to record:

• this episode only

• from this episode onwards

• all from series XX only

• all from series XX and onwards

• all available episodes

System Settings

• Create and manage profiles

• Set audio description and subtitle options

• Manage parental controls

• Set default recording options (e.g. time added to start and end of recordings)

• Set power options (use Active or Fast Start to prevent issues connecting to 360 Mini)

• Set Match Frame Rate to On to prevent judder when watching Apps (e.g. Netflix)

• View diagnostics such as picture quality and connection speed

• View software version and what updates include


• Firmware updates are being released quite frequently at the moment. Normally they are staggered and cannot be forced. However, there have been occasions when a Factory Reset has triggered an update

Factory Reset

Unlike TiVo, a Factory Reset on the 360 will maintain the majority of user settings (e.g. Profiles and recordings are not affected). An update on the 360 ‘tidies up’ the box.

TV button

• Return to live TV

• Switch to last channel


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Re: Tips to Using V360

Another little gem I found that I haven't read about is custom order of channels when in profile. On your profile, if you go to the "manage channels" once you have added them if you click once on the channel you can then use the up/down button to re-order them, a second click drops them in place. So now on page 1 of the guide I have the classic setup. ie BBC1-BBC2-ITV-Channel 4-Channel 5. Then Sky sports 🙂

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Re: Tips to Using V360

That's a handy and comprehensive guide, Paul. Thanks.

I have just had the 4.31 software update and unfortunately, this has broken the guide navigation when using a profile other than the shared profile which still works normally. Annoyingly any button press or voice command takes the guide to the final item in the profile list rather than the desired channel. This is on both my 360 boxes so I believe it must be a bug. A new guide feature has been introduced in 4.31 which must be the cause of the bug. Restarting the box(es) does not fix it. I think it will take another update before this is cured.

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Re: Tips to Using V360

Cheers, @thrice

I saw a thread about the bug. Yes, let's hope that gets resolved in a future update 🙂

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Re: Tips to Using V360

Another item for this very useful list

To Hide the progress bar while searching through a recording
Press the Back button

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