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Struggling with new remote! Please help!

Joining in

Ive got the new remote and I'm really struggling. Can I sort out my log in screen. Can I put YouTube on my channels instead of having to go to apps and going to it!! How do I do a search for what I like?? I wish I had the old remote I could see my channels clearly. And when I delete a show can I find it?? I'm really struggling!


Super solver

Unfortunately, it sounds like you've switched to the new 360 box and it's generally impossible to switch back.

If you have deleted a show there is now no way to get it back I'm afraid, this is one of the many features missing from the box compared to the V6\TiVo boxes.

Some of the missing features are as follows; Wishlists (where you can set the box to record programs on certain subjects or featuring certain people), undelete, series link+, series link manager, suggestions, setting of series links for programs not in the current TV guide, ethernet control, keyboard support via USB, switching between tuners with constant buffering, skip-back on fast-forward, quickplay, default recording options, cancelling individual recordings from a series link, multi-channel series links, radio channels allowing recording of radio, separation of recordings between boxes, watching recordings when internet is not available and probably a few others I've forgotten.

Fibre optic

After you've used the 360 remote for a while it becomes clear that it was designed around the voice control. In fact, this is by far the simplest way to use it. Press the button marked with a microphone symbol and say what you want. 'Recordings' will take you there immediately, likewise, apps such as 'iPlayer' or 'YouTube'. Search works this way too. If you are in the on-screen programme guide simply name the channel you seek or 'top' and 'bottom' will take you to the beginning or the end. It took me a while to get used to it but it's worth the effort (or the embarrassment if you feel shy about this way of navigating around the interface as I did initially).