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Wifi calling not working and saved numbets not recognised

Joining in


I’ve had wifi calling enabled by Virgin but it doesnt appear to work. 99% of calls I recieve go through to my voicemail as I have no service in my home. 99% of the time I also can’t make calls out. When I try to do so I get an automated message saying I’m dialling an incorrect number - despite it being a correct number.

Please help or I will have to leave Virgin as this is not at all workable.

Also if there a way that you can view a list of voicemails and listen to each one separately on Virgin? On Sky I could see a list of voicemails and play each whenever i wanted without having to call voicemail.






Just reviving this thread as I'm so bored of missing calls or calls cutting off because wifi calling is failing.

Even though I have full wifi bars and am getting fast speeds on speed tests, wifi calling only works about 10% of the time in my house. The rest of the time calls go straight to voicemail or if a call can get through then I'm lucky if it doesn't cut out. Until I listen to it, I get a new voicemail notification on my phone every time the wifi calling drops/comes back again - so I can see how frequently the service is dropping.

What can Virgin/I do to sort this?

I also have the frequent issue of saved mobile numbers changing to a strange format and having to switch the region to Belgium then back to UK. I'm so bored of doing this and am at the point of leaving Virgin given you they want to raise prices whilst not fixing these issues.




Hi @Klondonkew,

I'm very sorry to hear that your Wi-Fi Calling issues appear to be ongoing for you. Is this only happening when you're connected to your home Wi-Fi service, or is it happening no matter which Wi-Fi connection you're on at the time?

Regarding the region of numbers changing on your handset, can you confirm what make and model of handset you have, please?


Zach - Forum Team
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Thanks Zach.

It’s in my home in particular - this is where I really notice it as the Voicemail notification costly refreshes as the signal drops and returns I guess.

My phone is iphone13.



Thanks for the reply @Klondonkew on the forums. 😇

May I ask if this happens on other connections as well?
Within the home - are there multiple devices with issues on Wi-Fi calling or just the one?
How is the connection in the household? Is it good or bad which may be contributing to this?

Let us know.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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Thanks for your response.

My husband is also on Virgin Mobile with an iphone 14 and he had similar issues. 
our broadband is with Virgin Media.

Is there any way that you (or I) can see how stable the wifi connection is? 
When I have a voicemail notification I can see it constantly refreshing and popping up as the wifi calling signal drops and comes back. If you could see if my wifi signal dropping is to blame it would be good to confirm that….and the  I’ll have to take up the flakey wifi connection with your Broadband colleagues.



Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hey Klondonkew, thanks for sharing more on this.

It makes sense for the issue to come from your Wi Fi based on your feedback, we can perform a few checks to identify this.

Firstly, are you using our Connect App which links to your hub and Wi Fi Pods (if any) and troubleshoots the service as well as wireless in-home network?
It would be good to to see if any issues come up there.

You can scan all rooms in the house and find out, let us know what report you get and we'll take it from there. 

Can you also advise if you experience slow speeds or drop offs with other devices connecting to the WiFi (laptops, pcs, tablets etc) and ethernet and if so, does this happen for some or all at the same time regardless of location?

Lastly, have a look here for our Wi Fi Max and view the steps to follow so to improve your wireless home network.

Just to advise this too, we checked and haven't found any issues in the area that may be affecting your broadband.

Please, try the above and let us know if they've helped improving the in-home experience and your Wi Fi calling.

We'll be here to assist further where needed.

Forum Team

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Hi Adri,

Thanks for your reply.

I have the connect app and all rooms show as good connection. 
We also have the Wi-Fi max. I typically get around 300 mbps on the router and anything between 60-150mbps on Wi-Fi in most rooms.

We do experience some ‘drop out’ on laptops/tablets when it feels as if the connection has paused for a second or two and web pages don’t load quickly.

My iPhone also frequently changes all non +44 numbers to a strange European spacing eg 02 083 456 23. I fix this by changing the region off UK and back again.

As you can imagine with both the poor Wi-Fi calling, Wi-Fi signal drop out and iPhone displaying numbers incorrectly, I’m not exactly impressed by Virgin and the never ending problems.

What else can you do to check why this is happening?



Hello Klondonkew.

Thanks for your reply.

Good news regarding the fix for the regional numbers.

Not so good to hear the blips with your WIFI connection.

I have checked the hubs signal levels from here and some of them are just out of the desired range needed.

This can be fixed by sending out an engineer to adjust them.

So I can arrange a visit. 

I will need to send you a private message to pass security. 
If you can check the purple envelope top right of your screen that would be great.