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Sms text is not appearing on another iPhone user


despite that there is issue to do with virgin mobile as I am right abroad in Madeira as I using the network name is: altice MEO  Portuguese network as I am quite sure there is possible link to removing my sms text message to a O2 mobile network mobile network from my virgin mobile iphone device. Can virgin stop this from being removed my sms text message sent to a O2 mobile user? There was no bab wording on my sms text as I am sure there is a fault somewhere as I think there is two users are getting strange sms text message sent from my iPhone to either to gifgaff or O2 provider in which it’s shouldnt be like this at as it’s very frustrating hearing like this it’s wrong somewhere. Have I got the correct mobile plan for sending in sms text & sending in to both sms text tip mobile & landline phone which I should have the correct mobile plan for the deaf to sending sms text correctly to all mobile phone and landline phone WITHOUT HAVING SMS TEXT GOING BLANK OUT AFTER I SENT IT. I would like you to investigate it ASAP on the problem as other are getting sms text with nothing or words missing out to the other end of the two mobile provider?


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Re: Sms text is not appearing on another iPhone user

Hello andrewweb,


If you head here we can hopefully get that fixed.


Thanks Joe_F

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