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Re: Sim not valid

The phone does not ask for anything it simply says sim not valid. I have tried all the usual steps of waiting, reinstalling sim, restarting phone and even removing the battery waiting an hour and trying again. the same message comes up on screen "SIM not valid"yes this is an old nokia phone but my mother neither requires nor wants a complex smart phone but at (almost) 83 years old she, especially, needs a form of emergency contact as she lives in a street with known power infrastructure problems (somewhere in the area there is a damaged cable that knocks out the power supply to her home and one in 3 of the neighbours. Whilst powergrid have done tons of work to fix this it is still not fixed)

I accept this is an old phone (a Nokia 1100) she knows how to use it and neither needs or wants a "smartphone"

The idea of her not being able to contact anyone in an emergency scares me.

As you suggest you will supply a repacement handset could I please request it is of a very simple nature as teaching her to use the replacement will prove taxing for me.


Philip Smith

Just so you can confirm that this is an incompatable unit the [MOD EDIT: PERSONAL INFORMATION REMOVED]

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