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Problems with VM wifi calls on iphone

Hi, just joined and wanted to explore problems with wifi calling on VM mobile where I have identified a couple of minor irritations and wondered if anyone else was experiencing anything similar. 
It was all set up in seconds and has worked well for me as a lot of my calls, especially due to COVID, are made and received at home where I have a VM superhub3 and 350mb download speed. I noticed a number of missed calls from one of my existing contacts and was certain I shouldn’t have missed them. The contact was getting a message to say I wasn’t accepting calls which was not the case. Contact was not blocked etc and all set up fine. This contact is on the 3 network using 4g. Sometimes the call would come through but only occasionally as most times not. After much investigation it seems having my calls on wifi are the issue for some reason. If I turn the wifi calls off on my phone then 100% calls get through. If wifi calling is enabled only 20% get through and the other 80% are missed calls. Haven’t noticed it with other callers as I haven’t had missed calls from them.

I have also noticed that when I am on wifi calls I lose the ability to answer the calls on my Apple Watch which is paired to my iPhone via Bluetooth.

Both aspects are annoying as I cannot figure out the logic behind them. Any guidance would be appreciated.

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