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No mobile network coverage.

Virgin Media are really testing my patience.

About six to eight weeks ago, VM sent me through a new sim card which I put into my phone, all well and good and I was able to use my phone as you'd expect.

Last weekend, I put the same new sim card into a new phone, the next day when I went to use said new phone, I realised that I had no mobile network. I put the sim card back into my old phone, no mobile network. I phoned customer service and on the third attempt to get things sorted, which was a trial in itself, I was sent another new sim card which arrived today. I fitted the new sim card into my new phone today. No mobile network, I tried it in my old phone, no mobile network. If I check the coverage online, it is strong in my area, yet still, I cannot connect, I have been without my phone for a week now and there doesn't seem that any sort of progress has been made to resolve the issue.

I'm seriously thinking about leaving VM and my feelings toward this end have not been helped by the fact that I had to pick my son up from hospital today and I was unable to use my mobile phone to contact him. It's just not good enough I'm afraid!



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Re: No mobile network coverage.

Hi CraigDee,


Thanks for posting on our community forums. Sorry to hear that you're still having issues with our sim card not connecting to a network.


Can we ask what error messages you are getting when inserting the sim? What make and model is your handset? Have you tried a manual network search, has Virgin network popped up at all?


Please take a look at the link here  for further help and advice in getting connected to our network.


If you need further assistance after this please come back to us.


Kind regards Jodi 

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