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How long until I need to setup phone?

Joining in

So I’ve just got a new IPhone on contract with Virgin, the phone itself and the sim on the contract too. However I got it for my daughters birthday which isn’t until near the end of July.

Of course I understand I’ll be paying the bill every month no matter what which is absolutely fine but I haven’t taken the phone out of the box what so ever or set it up with the sim or anything, it’s all still packed away in the box that I received. Am I okay to leave this like this until her birthday so that she unwraps it all new and sets it up herself or is there a time frame on having to activate the sim etc? Just wanted to double check tk be safe so that I don’t have a disappointed daughter on her birthday. I could set it all up but would much rather she gets to do that herself and has it all fresh how it’s arrived, plus she will want to transfer everything from her current iPhone. 

long story short, am I okay to just leave it all in the packaging and activate it all in a month and a half? 


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hello @JMTD77,

Welcome back, thanks for posting.

I am sorry for the issues with your phone SIM.

The SIM will need activating 30 days after receiving it, to avoid it not working.

You can activate it in any handset.

Does this help at all?

Many thanks,

Forum Team

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