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Joining in

Hi all,

Please can VirginMedia sort out their website? I’ve spent 1 hr now trying to make a payment so I can use my phone again and it keeps giving me an error saying that the payment has been unsuccessful! 

phone is barred because I’ve used too much on my spending cap but my spending cap is at £80 and I’ve spent £65 and still nothing is working! 

I can’t even call customer service! Please can someone assist asap?! 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Kal0486,

Thank you for your post and welcome to our forums 🙂 

I am so sorry to hear you are having issues with making a payment on our site, do you have a screenshot of the error?
Do you have a landline or can you call 789 from your handset to make a payment to our team? 


Hi Zoie,

No I can’t call or text or anything. 

The error I get is “sorry, it’s not been possible to make your top up payment”. And that’s it. 

but it seems fixed as I’ve been able to make a payment this morning! Hephey!

Hi @Kal0486 thanks for getting back to us.

Thanks for confirming your issue with making a payment on our mobile website appears to be resolved.  Remember, if you ever need assistance in the future, our fantastic community and forum team are always willing to lend a hand. Also, please bear in mind that our website offers lots of helpful information and also, you can manage your account from here.