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Does Virgin charge for data usage in EU or not?

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I'm finding conflicting info on Virgin website; do they charge for EU roaming or not:

Is Virgin Mobile planning to introduce EU roaming charges? Virgin Mobile has no plans to reintroduce EU roaming charges, leaving you free to talk, text and surf the internet without worry while on holiday. Roam like home, Travelling in the EU

Remember, if you're in the EU, you can use your data allowance just as you would in the UK with Roam Like Home. 

in the T&C:

Data bundle is for use within the UK only. Access and speeds are subject to network coverage. Voice-Over-Internet Protocol is not supported. If your use exceeds your monthly allowance you will be charged at the out-of-bundle rate of £15/GB. Roaming charges apply to your use outside the UK. 

Does Virgin charge for data usage in EU or not? Are there any other fair use restrictions (i.e. no more than 50% of your time/usage to be roaming)?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @EU_Roaming_Q,

Welcome to our Community Forums and thanks for your post. 

Virgin Mobile allows you to use your Minutes, Texts & Data Tariff Allowances in the EU as you would in the UK. If you go over your Data Allowance you will be charged no more than you would while at home (£3 per GB/Day for the data you use).

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Forum Team

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