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Data Usage

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I know that VM charge £5.00 per GB when roaming outside the UK. We are going to Canada and have a sim only contact.


Can anybody give me an idea of how much data the Waze app will use if used continuously for 6 hours


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I doubt itll be much but Id download Magic Earth for your phone, it's completely open source, well maintained and layed out PLUS you can download any map for use offline.

Totally free on android and ios

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi slesley1959,

Thank you for reaching out to us here on the Community. 

Although we cannot comment on a third party apps data usage, we would recommend popping the question in to Google as this does bring up some results regarding its data usage. 

When roaming outside of the UK or EU, you will be charged £5 for data as soon as it is used. More information regarding roaming in Canada can be found here.

To avoid higher than expected bills whilst roaming, we would recommend setting up a spending cap via your My Virgin Media account. 

Please let us know if you have an further questions and we will do all we can to assist further. 

Thank you, 



If you're happy to use Google Maps you can download maps for the bulk of the area you're travelling through and use Waze for the more interactive occasions (Waze may also do downloadable maps - haven't tried). 

Got an old phone? Maybe that and a local sim card would help with GPS but, from what I hear, Canada isn't the cheapest country in the world for mabile airtime.