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Charged for Photo message I sent via Gmail/wifi

I'm on a 4G 300mins + 300MB tariff using an iPhone. I was charged (now waived) for sending some picture messages and I'd like to know why, to stop it happening again.

What I did was this: all on the phone while I was at home connected to wifi all the time.  I took some photos, tapped share and then selected Gmail, added some text and sent the email. As I was connected to wifi all the time ans used Gmail as the share option, I do not see why my mobile account should have been involved or charged.

The VM operative in the Philippines could not explain it to me to my satisfaction. She seemed to be saying I had to send the email from the Gmail app rather than selecting Gmail as the share option from the photo app. I don't see the difference. Can anyone explain it to me?

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Re: Charged for Photo message I sent via Gmail/wifi

Can't answer on how it happened 😞

But a couple of things you can do to help prevent it happening again:

You can turn off MMS within your iPhone settings, note that this also stops you from recieving them as well

Or set your mobile spending cap at "use allowances only" from within your online account.

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