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Can't receive calls from specific number, but can make calls...

Joining in


I  moved from EE operator mobile to virgin on August 2022,  After transferring my number over I can’t receive calls from some specific number including my husband and ....and after one beep it cuts off. I also cannot  receive the verification code from MyGP App.   

Just after I transferred my number and I notice that my husband cannot call me, I asked  Virgin customer service for help, and they said that the problem is with my husband's operator. he checked with them and every thing was alright as he could call or text others but me.

Then I found that I  cannot receive call from others too including MYGP app, I asked Virgin customer service for help again, they sent me the SIM card which it didn't work too.

I don't know what should I do now, This is massively effecting my  life and my work now as  others can’t contact me, also cannot use MyGP app to book appointment for my child which is terrible.


 Anyone got any ideas please. 





I've done what you said, but I only get apologies and nothing else, it is not working yet, and I paid for faulty service each month.....

Thanks for sharing more and sorry to hear the issue is ongoing, however as we're investigating this currently please bear with us.

The issue has been raised with a support team for fixing the problem with receiving calls, did we advise of a timeframe for it?

Also, have you raised your concern regarding charges with Kain_W over this private thread?


Forum Team

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Thank you for your response, I didn't get timescale,

sent private message to  Kain_W, but still no progress

Thanks for explaining more on this, AZRA2023.

We're sure you'll receive a response from Kain_W about this, please wait for it so we can discuss further and resolve the issue.

You can update this thread once this is done so we know it's sorted.

Forum Team

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Thank you

I still don't receive any message, how long does it take? its about one month now


Hey AZRA2023, thanks for keeping up posted with this and sorry to see your problem with the calls and messages has not been resolved yet.

I will need to send you a PM and have a look into things for you again.

Please, check the top right-hand side of our page to find a purple envelope.
Click on this and you'll see my message.

Forum Team

New around here? Check out the do's and don'ts, in our Community FAQs