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Account set up using my address

* I already called Virgin Mobile - As I was explaining the problem of possible fraud, the operator tried to offer me a sim only package if you can believe that?! - After I explained in full detail the operator then laughingly told me to not worry about it and bin the letter - I then explained that I had seen this happen on the forums before and the letter has the persons direct debit details on it - the operator then asked for the persons name on the letter, and as I was reading it the operator ended the call *

A person has used my address with two different companies so it seems like it might not just be a simple mistake, the letters have my full address on them with the persons name, I have already sent the first one back - I have VM for TV, BB and phone so I thought it was my bill and opened it.

I don't have VM mobile and I realized it had this persons name on it, the letter is a direct debit confirmation with "Thanks for registering to pay your airtime monthly by direct debit. Here are the bank details we've got for you:" And the persons bank details - Account name, Account number and sort code are listed.

Should I be worried about this? The operator didn't seem to think so...


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Re: Account set up using my address

Hi Mark_12, welcome to our community forums.


So I can take a look at this for you I'm going to send you a PM to request some additional details.




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