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Remote control issues

Hi, need some help please?

i have 2 remotes synced to my virgin tv ( I use a Samsung TV), so both Samsung and virgin tv remotes were synced.

recently I am not able to use the Samsung remote at all ( I have changed and drained batteries etc) it won’t work! I also discovered my virgin remote works with the exception of the volume and mute buttons!

only way around getting controls of the volume for a little while is disconnecting both TV and TiVo from the mains, it fixes and reverts to the same issue after few hours.

i have tried the function of syncing remote controls again without any success. Please need some advice as I am getting rather frustrated with it all!


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Re: Remote control issues

If I am understanding correctly, this is the situation:

  • you have a Samsung TV and a TiVo
  • both the Samsung remote and TiVo remote used to work to control the TV (the TiVo remote doing volume/mute)
  • the Samsung remote now no longer controls the TV
  • the TiVo remote works for TiVo functions but now no longer controls the TV (i.e. volume/mute)

I would say based on that those facts then there's a significant likelihood that the problem actually resides in the Samsung TV (i.e. it is no longer receiving IR commands from either the Samsung remote or the TiVo remote).


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