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Connecting two Tivo boxes via network cabling

Hi, I couldn't find an answer to my problem with a search, but please let me have a link if it's already been covered elsewhere.

I have two Tivo boxes in different rooms in the house, both cable connected to my home network (they're both plugged into the Virgin hub). I've just tried to link the two boxes to let me view recordings on either box. My upstairs (secondary) box can see my downstairs (primary) box and can stream recordings, but not vice-versa. The upstairs box does not appear in the list of "My Shows" downstairs.

I can't find any detailed instructions anywhere about what to check on the network. Both boxes are set to allow remote network control. Do the boxes need to be power cycled, or is there some option hidden somewhere that isn't set correctly?

I'm at a loss. Any suggestions gratefully received!


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