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Webmail laptop back button

Tuning in

On laptop and accessing the webmail, the back arrow on the page doesn't work. It works on all other pages

According to VM tech team,  it's a laptop manufacturer issue. I said it must be a programming issue. They said they have no control over that button and I would have to contact the manufacturer of my laptop. (Acer). Strange that a friend on an Apple Mac has the same issue. So following the Tech Teams advise, he must contact Apple

Obvious it's a programming issue by VM

The only way off is to pass the VM symbol in the right side but that logs you out, so have to start again each time

Other issues with the new format of the website include the back button that appears on some pages. It takes you back to the previous page. Click on the next back button on the next page and it loops you back to the page you were just on. It doesn't take you back. Infinite loop

The ability to change and manage other email addresses has gone. Forget a password for one of them and if fail security question the only thing to do is call 150 for them to change it. You then have to log on with that specific email address to change the password etc. If you have multiple emails  then that is so time consuming. It was so much easier to manage them from the main account logging in

VM have gone back on time with this. Feels like 1990 software instead of 21st century software


I have had an issue for some time now on this forum where I have to press/click the back button twice to go back to the previous page. So try pressing back twice and see if that works.

It didn't matter if I hit the back button 1,000 times, the page doesn't move back away from the webmail page

You would expect it to go back to the previous page

I challenged a friend who uses a Mac and they had the same issue

I challenge you to go through to the emails on your laptop or computer and once the webmail page is open, press the back button (arrow) and see what happens. I guarantee, absolutely nothing.

It's just pathetic that a VM technician stated that they have done nothing with that arrow in their software and that I would have to contact the manufacturer of my laptop. What a load of [REMOVED]. They have no idea what they are talking about as usual

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I have to take slight exception to your claim that you were speaking to a VM technician or indeed anyone with any technical knowledge at all -  almost certainly you were speaking to an outsourced call centre worker, who possibly may have seen a VM hub once or at least a picture of one but that’s about the limit. They follow a script and woe betide anyone who has a problem which isn’t covered by these scripts as in that case they do tend to just make something up. But at least it gets you off the phone, they chalk up another successfully closed call, the centres stats look a little better and everyone’s happy. Well except for the customer but you can’t have everything.

I suggest you knew or suspected this though anyway didn’t you? And yes, it’s a coding error in the website - absolutely nothing to do with the hardware you are using.