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Way to reduce complaints

My BB speed just dropped to 8% of what it should be, so I went to the service status page. The page simply tests the equipment and bye bye.... no information, no interaction nothing, it's like we're being ignored. All I want to do is tell VM what my problem is. One of the biggest complaints I see from VM customers is waiting time in the phone queue. That causes the minor irritation of a service problem to become a major frustration.

All customers want is to report the problem. On the page that tests our (VM's) equipment, why can we not have a set of tick boxes to specify the problem. And a box to write any unspecified problems. 

I'd be very happy to tick a "Speed problem" box and check tomorrow if it had been fixed or whether it had been flagged as a fault in my area... but being asked to phone 150 on a Sunday afternoon to try to get through to an over burdened call centre is not going to make me happy waiting, especially as I only want to pass on a little information that could be done in the most obvious, easiest and least frustrating way.... online.... which is where I go to report problems in the first place.

Anyway, the problem in my area has been flagged as a TV problem with streaming... I'm assuming the streaming problem is due to reduced speed. I don't watch TV, I game so maybe I noticed sooner than TV users.

Service problems are just a fact of life, it's impossible to be 100% perfect 100% of the time. VM does a great job of reliability in my region and if they didn't keep raising prices 3 times each year I'd love them not just like them 😉

But if they could just simplify fault reporting, they'd have less irate customers and less stressed customer support staff 🙂

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Re: Way to reduce complaints

Hi gravy1, 


Thanks for your post,


We appreciate it can get frustrating when the lines are busy, sorry for the recent experience you've had when trying to contact us.


In regards to the service status page we can certainly pass your suggestions along.


Kind regards, 



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