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Resolved! Sound issues

Good morning I have an issue with tnt sports ultimate on virgin stream the picture is great but I have no sound at all on this channel I’m usually pretty good with this stuff as I have a tech head of sorts but I just can’t get the sound on this chann...

Stream box rebooting

Hi, My stream Box keeps rebooting whilst in the middle of watching a programme. It’s so annoying and I can’t figure out why it’s happening. 

Joeyp86 by Joining in
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TNT Sport red button on stream

Hi all, when I watch a game say on the champion leagues which isn’t broadcast on tnt sports 1-4. I press the red button and when I get the match choice and I select the game I want to watch it doesn’t go to the game I select. It’s  goes to a game alr...

Bid1 by Dialled in
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TNT Ultimate no sound

I've recently signed up to TNT. I've only to see one match on the Ultimate channel. Since then it doesn't produce any sound, but perfect picture! I'm now resorting to watching on the regular HD channel. I've tried changing the sound settings on the s...

TNT Sports Ultimate in HLG format (dim picture)

I used to subscribe to BT Sports and back then the ultimate 4 k channel was perfect.i recently subscribed again to TNT sports and now I can’t watch the Ultimate 4k channel as it seems to be in HLG format, so the picture is quite dim and low in contra...

corky123 by Dialled in
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Limited Offerings

Hi there I’ve been waiting for virgin media to come to town for years now and finally the services become active on my road yesterday, but it seems when I check what I can get on the website it’s only offering me the stream service and doesn’t seem t...

Resolved! Unable to manage my Stream Box

I took delivery of a new Virgin Media Stream Box last week. The setup was relatively quick and straight-forward. My first impression is that I'm very happy with the box and I like that it offers more HD channels than Freesat and Freeview and it seems...

BFL by Tuning in
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Virgin stream tv

Hello, is a smart TV needed for stream? My parents have an old lcd Sony TV that does have hdmi ports but the stream box doesn't seem to work. Tia

Gavalaa by Joining in
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New customer Stream

Hi, I'm considering ordering Virgin Media and stream.I know that Stream box doesn't record but what is it like for watching on demand? I like watching NFL, NBA and quite a bit of that is overnight. I've had a look on the TV Go app and previous games ...

welma by Joining in
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