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Resolved! Apollo 360 box buffering problems

We’ve had the 360 box almost two weeks. It’s run from WiFi. The router is in an upstairs office. Running speed tests on my phone while standing next to the 360 in the downstairs tv room, I’m getting consistent speeds of 45-50 Mbps - enough to run the...

Dinarius by Joining in
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Stream box Error TS4/2/2Err_400/302/400)

Hi, could somebody help me. Having issues subscribing to various channels on the stream box. The above error message is coming up. Cannot get passed it and wondering what the problem. Could be? Can anybody assist in this matter? Many Thanks    

Yaseen by Joining in
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Stream box turns off when using apps

Hi, We have had VM for a few weeks now.When we use the app so watch such as Disney, Netflix etc after time and it varies 10 mins 20 sometimes but while you are watching a show the stream box just turns off and starts back up ‘please wait/welcome’ it ...

Virgin Stream Audio

I have had my Stream Box Since October 23 with no issues. The last week i had Audio disappear when using Netflix. This week the audio has now disappeared from other apps too. I have no issue with Live TV or Youtube so I imagine there is a fault with ...

Muffled sound on stream

I’m new to Virgin Stream. I notice the sound is very muffled on BBC and other channels. Some channels seem to be clear and the same as Freeview through the aerial.

Pluto TV always buffering

Added the Pluto tv channel to my channel list (guess this just saves time locating the app and loading it) anyway, since I have had this stream box Pluto tv still frequently buffers during playback on any of it's channels. I am connected via ethernet...

richie_k by Joining in
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Resolved! Security message on apps via my tv cant access

HiSince early hours can't get into any of the apps on my tvs, BBC I player, amazon prime, u tube, getting a security message saying security error, the server could not prove its content, all ok on phones, tablets etc, anyone else had the same?

Charlotte6 by On our wavelength
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