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Unusable upload speed

My upload speeds have been non existent since the 19th of Jan 2021.

My broadband package was 500mb and has worked well but since the 19th it's been awful. Virgin Media status pages show no fault and my self service also shows no fault. I was then told by customer service there is an area wide fault and should be fixed in 48hours. I called again on the 26th as at this point it was unusable. I also took the opportunity to upgrade my broadband to the Gig1 service. I was sent a new hub 4 which I installed on the 29th, however as the area wide fault is still not resolved my upload speeds are hovering between 0.3-1.3. For me this is unusable as my work from home requires uploads more then it requires downloads. Virgin media have a poor communication problem with their customers. Be honest and say there's a problem send a daily email update post it on your website and twitter. Don't wait for me to call (and wait for hours) to tell me there is a fault, own it it's your infrastructure. 

Today is the 3rd of Feb, 16 days in and still no resolution. And the cost of 2 portable hotspots so the kids can be schooled and the wife and I can work.. Absolute Joke.

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