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Speed test in modem mode?

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Is it possible to run a hub speed test on a Hub5 when it is modem mode? 
Using the Ookla SpeedTest app shows that I have a pretty reliable ~250Mbps on WiFi & ~350 to 400Mbps on a Cat5 wired connection.  The WIFi system is a TP-Link Deco S7 3-node mesh setup. 
My Hub5 service is the 1Gbps service. The channels used show frequencies in the 1GHz region, so it looks like a 1Gbps connection has been established. Problem is the max (Cat5) & WiFi speed I see is 400Mbps. Plenty fast enough but why don’t I get anything near the 1Gbps I’m paying for? 


Thanks for coming back to us Ijlane, I cannot find the message that you sent over to me, please could you try to do that again for me?

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On our wavelength

Just re-sent my a/c details.  

On our wavelength

VM engineer spent an hour trying to resolve this speed issue but could not get >400Mbps from the Deco system despite a confirmed 750Mbps from the Hub5 Ethernet port. To humour me he replaced the hub but no Deco speed increase. However, the Hub5 WiFi speed is now a consistent 750Mbps. So, my original Hub5 was definitely suspect. I have little confidence with VM’s Hub5, so will just stick with the present one until fibre reaches my village & I can change provider. In the meantime I’m running the majority of my devices on the Deco mesh system, with just a few on the Hub5 WiFi. This should prevent the all too common DHCP failures. Thanks to everyone who suggested fixes. Topic closed….

Hi ljlane, 

Thanks for taking the time to pop back to us and update the thread on how the visit went. 

We're happy to hear that things are mostly resolved and you're happy with how the visit went. 

If you have any further issues, pop back and let us know. 

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