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Slow ethernet on Hub3

Have been suffering from slow internet speeds and intermittent wifi for ages on Virgin Media so upgraded from 100mb to 350mb. Nothing changed at all.

I reset the Hub3 using the reset button at the back and wow, I can now get over 300 on most of my mobiles and tablet's (all Apple) on Wifi.

My ethernet is a different story. We have 4 Win10 PC's/Laptops running at home. I've set up both my children with a powerline adapter in their rooms so they can do their Uni work (due to wifi dropping out regularly). 

Downstairs I have my wiles laptop plugged into a Netgear Switch which in turn is plugged directly into the Hub3. My desktop PC is in a room in the otherside of the house where the wifi signal is poor and so I paid to have an ethernet cable hardwired from one room to the other then this is plugged directly into the Hub3. 

The max I've been able to get out of an ethernet attached device is about 90MB. 

I think there are a number of issues, some of the cables are old etc but I have tried plugging in a laptop directly into the ethernet port on the Hub3 using a CAT 6 cable but this doesn't improve anything so it must be an issue with the Hub 3.

Please can anyone suggest something to fix this as I'm don't understand why we can get massive speeds using WIFI yet rubbish speeds via ethernet.

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