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fraud by virgin???

Joining in



so i was with virgin for 2 years with no REAL problems, yes my wifi would go down every week but i was stuck in contract. 

so when the 2 years finally came to an end i rang up and told them i would not be continuing with them because of poor service and everything else. a few days later, i got a call from a mobile from someone at virgin offering me a better deal than the one i had already had & i explained the wifi was rubbish so i didn’t want to go with virgin again. however, he offered me a wifi booster and very very discounted internet so i agreed to this over the phone & we went though the contract and i got all the emails. 

fast forward a week and my wifi is down again & im getting new contract emails and sorry your leaving and again new contract emails.

i didn’t think anything of this and for the last 3 months every time my wifi went down i would text the man who gave me the deal and he would get it sorted, he even once arranged for an engineer to come out to fix it. i kept asking about my bill as i’d not had one in 2 months (i was only paying £18 a month so could afford two lots in one month so wasn’t too worried) he told me he would look into it. 

however 2 weeks before christmas i got a letter from virgin demanding £130 from me, i tried to call virgin but my security details are not what i set them to be, i don’t know the password, the security question or anything!! i asked the man who set this up for me and he told me to stop texting him and contact billing.


obviously i cannot speak to anyone about my account because i can’t pass security, there’s no way to speak to someone without passing security so i was meant to be getting a “password reminder” sent out in the post but that never came but they’ve added £20 to my new bill because i haven’t paid. 


i don’t know what i’m meant to do now, i’ve tried giving virgin the contact number who arranged my deal but nobody wants to help.

he has set up a direct debit and a whole account in my name without my consent, i think if this doesn’t get answers then i will have to go to the police. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello emillie98.

Thank you very much for taking the time to post this.

I am happy to take a look at what has happened.

If I can send you a private message to get some more information would that be okay.

If you can check the purple envelope top right of your screen that would be great.