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Web Safe turned off but still blocking access

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Hope someone can help me before a cancel my virgin account and leave. I have the same issues as above. For no reason what so ever i now cannot access any of my usual websites as web safe is permanantly on and cannot be turned off. Tried everything but to no avail. A virgin tech engineer came to my home this morning and he cannot sort it. He says it needs to be done remotely from virgin medias end, and cannot be done from the customer end. even when turning essential securtity options off, they are still on. i get the 'web site blocked message on nearly every site i try to visit. This is ridiculous and has been happening for a few days now. Please someone help me sort this as i dont want to leave virgin media, but i dont know what else to do?


Joining in

Please can someone help me. all of a sudden websafe/child safe/essential security or what ever it is called, is now switched on permanantly on my account. Dont know why this has happened, but i now cannot access hardly any websites. Everything is blocked, even my vpn wont work. I had a virgin media tech guy at my home this morning and he said it needs sorting remotely at virgin media's end, because it cannot be sorted by the customer, or at the customers end. It seems as this is quite  common issue, but reading the community conversations it can be sorted. PLEASE can someone help with this as its now getting out of hand and i'm thinking about just going over to BT fibre and leaving VM. 

Alessandro Volta

You can bypass it completely by changing your device DNS.

Go to for instructions. 


- jpeg1
My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

Many thanks @ jpeg1 your tip worked fine. Sad tho that we have to find these kind of work arounds to a problem that is clearly an issue that virmin media needs to fix. After 3 phone calls(useless calls i might add) and a visit from a virmin engineer this morning. And im still sat here now with these issues and NO HELP from anyone. THANKS jpeg1, maybe you shoud work for virmin media, as you seem to know more and help more than they do.