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Web Safe problem

My family, who isn't very tech savy, changed our overall contract due to family issues between the person who had the contract initially with virgin.

The new contract had a new virgin box put in and a new contract put in.
Since that happened, we have had a web safe issue.
The website to remove the blocks has a "management hyperlink" on the page but it leads us to the same ad page for VMIS.

The Myapps section is arbitrary in what we get, with none of it being useful in terms of settings.

The "Web Safe" section of "myapps" leads me to the same old advertisement for VMIS.

I wan't some way of removing any, if not all, of the "Web Safe" section as even my payroll website is currently under the guidelines of blocked websites and I have to use my phone contract to cover the usage of that website.

In that website is training to extend my abilities and payroll. It is seriously making me consider switching providers given that other providers give better customer service, if not better upload/download speeds.

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