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How to report a scam call?

Joining in

Hi, I had a call on my (Virgin Media) landline that was an automated call trying to perform a bank scam. Looking up the number that called me (who called me), it is another Virgin Media number in the same area as me. How can I report the number directly to Virgin?


Alessandro Volta

Whilst well-intentioned, there is little/no point in reporting the number to VM. VM will not do anything about it.

The number you saw on your caller ID display was very likely just spoofed (faked) by the scammers so that the call appeared to be from a VM number. The scammers do this all the time and change their fake caller ID regularly to numbers belonging to other organisations. Sometimes they (ab)use the phone numbers of innocent residential customers for use as a fake caller ID.

You were wary to the scam and avoided it. Many who post on here do so only after being taken in by the scam.